Frequently Asked Questions:

What kinds of items do you NOT accept?
Second Run does not accept swimwear (unless with tags attached), wedding dresses, lingerie or men's clothing.
How long do you keep the items?
We keep your items for 90 days. After that time, your items may be picked up, or donated. Please call 2 days prior to the expiration date so that we have adequate time to pull the items. We may also pull items before the 90 day period, at our discretion.

How do you set pricing?

Pricing is set by our buyers. We generally set pricing at about 30%-50% of the original retail price.  Items with tags attached or from the current season will be set at a higher price.

Do you ever reduce prices?
Yes, we markdown items after 60 days. After the 90 days has passed, we mark the item to $5 or we will donate them. You may pick up any unsold items at any time during your consignment period. We also may discount damaged items at our discretion.

How does payment work?
We split payment 50/50.

Can I use my credit for purchase?
Yes, your credit never expires until you pick up a check or use the credit in store.

Consignment Hours:
Tuesday-Saturday 11am-5:30pm | Sunday Closed
No appointment necessary